Friday, December 19, 2008

Facebook is EVIL


The Birminham News' Ian Rapoport says the "going pro" message on Cody's page was courtesy of ... a prankster girlfriend?

Alabama nose tackle Terrence Cody is returning to Alabama for his senior season. The All-American nose tackle said he's not submitting his information to the NFL draft advisory board, though he did consider it.

If you're friends with him on Facebook, you would have noticed last night that his status message said, "Terrence Cody... is going pro."

The result was a tremendous joke, one that may not have been funny to Tide fans."All right, my girlfriend was on my account last night, and she put that on there, and everybody started freaking out," Cody said, clearly amused, though maybe slightly embarrassed. "I was on the phone with her when she put it on, and two minutes after that, I got message after message after message with everybody freaking out."

Now we got all this bullshit about people going PRO and shit. Let this be a lesson for all those of you who are going pro in the next couple of months, like Boy, White who busy training for his NFL career and is ready to announce it to the world. Keep those Facebook pranksters away! Personally, I'll find it more funny if Mt. Cody breaks up with his girl right after he signs his NFL contract and than honey has to find a real job. That's a true prankster right there.

But on the other hand, I'm disgusted. What the hell type of shit is this. Remember when the world did not revolve around status messages? Remember when Facebook was just a way to remember who the girl was in your Rhetoric class. Those were the days. Alas Facebook has turned from stalking vehicle to contest for greatest status message.

This reminds me I have to change my status. LOLZ!

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