Friday, December 19, 2008

Is this over yet? FREDO PICKS 16

So Devo is probably winning the Fredo picks competition. I'm sure he is going to enjoy his new SUS stock options.

So, I know you all are probably annoyed reading this but trust us when we say it's hard finding things to say about Detroit, Houston, Jacksonville, Cleveland every week. Actually, it's quite painful and I'd rather have needles shoved into my nether regions.

Cincinnati (+3) at Cleveland
Devo: It takes me about 10 minutes to accurately spell the town where the Bengals play. Pick: Cleveland.
Mahatma: Cleveland is the mistake on the lake and all but in Cincy the big thing is playing CORNHOLE. Unless this is prison, that's that a not a good thing.... Pick: Cleveland.
BH: Strange spaghetti chili vs. Rock n Roll HoF. Who did they have to kill to get that museum? Pick: The Cleve.

San Francisco
(-5.5) at St. Louis
Devo: I had a hot boss from St. Louis. Cue all the "what was his name?" jokes. Pick: St. Louis.
Mahatma: I had a hot boss from San Francisco. Cue all the "what was his name?" jokes. Pick: San Fran
BH: All the hot bosses Ive had were women, but one was from STL. Pick: STL

Houston (-7) at
Devo: Houston is the largest city that noone has any reason to visit. Pick: Oakland
Mahatma: Still way better than Oakland where the only reason to visit is to get raped by a bunch of hicks wearing the "Legion of Doom" spikes Pick: Houston
BH: Oakland gave us MC Hammer. Houston gave us Enron. Pick: Houston

Buffalo (+6.5) at
Devo: It snows like 9 months out of the year in both of these cities. But Denver was smart enough to grow mountains instead of wings. Pick: Denver
Mahatma: Buffalo Wings > Coors Light for the sole reason that the carrots and celery are good for you. Pick: Buffalo!
BH: Colorado has beer, steaks, pot, hot hippies and big mountains. Buffalo has...a football team...for now. Pick: Denver

San Diego (+3.5) at Tampa Bay

Devo: And if Houston is the biggest city noone cares about, I'm pretty sure Tampa is in the top 5. Pick: San Diego
Mahatma: DRAYS > Padres Pick: Tampa
BH: Two warm weather meccas. Im letting my name guide me and going with the hillbilly town. Pick: Tampa

Green Bay (+4) at
Devo: A rule I learned while living in the scenic slums of Allston, MA: You generally don't want to live in a city after BH is done with it. Pick: Green Bay
Mahatma: Chicago has deep dish pizza. Sorry random Packer fans we drank with but Chicago pizza shits on all. Pick: Chicago
BH: A cardiac surgeons dream game. I think Green Bay is probably fatter. Pick: Bay of Green

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