Wednesday, December 17, 2008

For the 4 of you that will watch this game... MAHATMA's THURSDAY NIGHT HAPPY HOUR PICK (20-11)

Indianapolis Colts (-6) @ Jacksonville Jaguars

Ok let me go on record as saying the Colts really should be the favorites to come out of the AFC. Sure, beating The Lions barely, Pittsburgh barely, Houston barely, Minnesota barely, Houston again barely, San Diego barely, New England barely, and Cleveland barely but that's okay. With this impressive streak, The Colts are poised to clinch a playoff birth yet again. But hold the phone.

The Jags always play the Colts tough. They might have found a receiver last week in Dennis "Drop" Northcutt who amazingly caught the ball and lit up the Packers last week. You'd figure The Jags would nut up and try to fight for their jobs but alas they haven't and with word coming out of Gregg Williams departure, MLB Mike Petersen's departure, the Jags responded last week. Rashean Mathis is out this week so that could mean trouble unless Jones Drew and the Jagoffs control the ground. I think they can. Colts should also get Bob Sanders and Joe Addai back too. That can only help. Still though being a 6 point home dogs to a divisional rival, that's too much.

Indianpolis - 24
Jacksonville - 20

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