Friday, December 19, 2008


Pittsburgh Steelers (+2) @ Tennessee Titans

THE BATTLE FOR HOMEFIELD. Why isn't this f'n game on Sunday night. We already saw the Giants last week why again? Oh apparently, CBS had this game as one of their UNFLEXABLE games so go figure. I guess paying 2 billion+ does have its perks.

Alas, scheduling boners aside, I'm amped for this game. This is going to be DRAG em out into the water and drown them. I felt the Steelers should win this game even with Albert Haynesworth and Kyle Vanden Bosch but with both missing I like the Steelers chances even more.

For a team playing the hardest schedule in 25+ years, and being 11-3 should give all the Yinzers hope for #6. Except objectivelly speaking this is a truly bad offense led by an offensive coordinator who picks plays out of a hat and 2 of the worst offensive linemen in the league. As a result, they can't run or throw but they still win. I actually expect the Steelers offense to show up. They have improved overall but are just prone to horrendous lapses -- either missed blocking assigments, Roth missing reads, dropped passes, etc. BUT, the potential is there and if they get it together strikes look out.

The Titans are too one dimensional to do enough damage against the Steelers. The biggest thing the Titans need to do is to get Chris Johnson in space. He is the only one that can do damage to this defense. I look for a lot of swing passes and screens to take advantage of the blitz happiness the Steelers use in the same veign the Pats and Cowboys used. Outside of that
the Titans should have trouble. If Jeff Fisher were smart and he is, I'd actually begin to use Vince Young in a various packages. I mean sure he's depressed but come on boy, it's time to nut up.

Regardless, this is going to be a close game again until the Steelers pull away in the 4th.
Yep, I'm a homer.

Pittsburgh Steelers - 27
Tennessee Titans - 14

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