Thursday, January 24, 2008

Angry White Man Vol. 1

As Ben Folds once said, “It’s tough being male middle class and white.” To commemorate Mr. Folds’ prophecy, we’ll be posting Angry White Man rants every once in a while.

So I was tired, hungry, and beginning my 20 minute walk home from the Metro in scenic Rockville, MD the other night when a motorized scooter, like the type that George used in Seinfeld passed me. Three thoughts immediately came to mind:

1. They’re going to get home before me. Fuck them.

2. They better be truly injured if they’re using one of those bad boys.

3. Even if they’re disabled or injured, they’re still going to get home before me. Fuck.

“And he’ll go to the grave as an Angry Young Man…”

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