Wednesday, January 23, 2008

To Sum it All Up......At least they're better than Miami (overview)

It didn’t take me long to lose hope during this season (I think every Chad Pennington INT was returned for a touchdown and Kellen Clemens never provided that spark we hoped for) and at the current moment I don’t have high expectations for 2008. With the 6th overall pick in the draft and $26 million of cap room the Jets should be in good hands to help the rebuilding process move quickly and possibly pose a slighter threat to the Masshole Patriots.
Also, good job winning the last game of the season so you can pick 6th instead of 3rd in Aprils draft Mangini. Did anyone else notice that the Jets were trying to let the Chiefs win? Maybe it’s just me, but when you play 3.5 quarters of stellar defense and then let an untalented schlum like Brodie Croyle (I want to do naughty things to his wife) tie the game on a 3 minute drive late in the 4th, you’re sucking Ken Dorsey’s dick come spring.


- David Harris definitely shined in his rookie season. He finished the year with 127 tot, 5 sacks and 2 ff. Not bad for a rookie who started only half the season and quite possibly took Vilma’s spot on the defense (read about Vilma later).
- I was a little hesitant the Jets traded up to get Darelle Revis with the 13th overall pick but after watching him progress into the #1 CB on the depth chart it was well worth it.
- Leon Washington is the Kevin Faulk of the Patriots. He can return, catch, rush and pass. He’s just the all-around player that teams would love to have. If there was one consistent playmaker on offense he would be the guy.
- Jericho Cotchery had a fine season; 82rec, 1130 yds, and 2 TD’s. Took a lot of big hits too. Maybe a little more Clemens a little less Pennington and Jericho will have more time to avoid those hits.
- Kerry Rhodes, a probowl snub, definitely earned captain for the defense. Best player on the squad.
- Chris Baker had a decent season for a tight end; 41rec 410yds and 3TD’s. He’s also has some good hands. Not that great of a run blocker but he can improve.


- Man where do I begin, well let’s start off at the most important position, QB. We all know by now that Pennington will be Pennington and he will always be a con. And Kellen Clemens was no Dirk Digler either, more like Reed Rothchild, he wasn’t a big bright shining star. I think his best game was actually against the Ravens, his first NFL start.
- Offensive Line – The trade of Pete Kendall right before the season started was a dead giveaway that this would be a long agonizing season. And it certainly showed. DaBrickashaw Ferguson suffered greatly from it. He gave up the most sacks by anyone on that line and he’s supposed to be better at pass protection than run-blocking too. Well he sucked at both this season.
- Wide Receivers – McCairens, this section is just for you. Obviously a waste of a 2nd round draft pick few years back. There is no light for this man as a Jet. Good luck in Washington (they love Jet receivers).
- Defensive Line – 29 total sacks compared to the league leading team with 55 sacks. Unacceptable I say! It’s obvious the players are not built for the 3-4 system and the stats show.
- Andre Dyson – Learn to tackle fool (Plaxico says hi)!
- Special Teams – For giving up the longest kick return in league history (108 yds to Ellis Hobbs in week 1 vs. the Cheaters if you all may have forgotten).

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