Thursday, January 24, 2008

To Sum it All up (Part II)


Here are a few names of players that more than likely won’t be apart of gang green next season: Andre Dyson, Victor Hobson, Hank Poteat, Justin McCairens, Adrian Clarke, Anthony Clement, Ben Graham, Erik Coleman, Eric Barton, David Barrett and there maybe be more along the offensive and defensive lines.


Chad Pennington – We Jet admirers are probably one of the more pathetic fanbases (Philly, Oakland, you’re right up with us) in the NFL. We cheer when Chad goes down with an injury, boo when he relieved Clemens after his injury and we made the Jets/Steelers game look like a road win at Heinz Field. (Jets fan love to scalp tickets I guess.) Our showing was piss poor, largely due to the fact that we haven’t had a consistent winning football team probably since the late 60’s or mid 80’s. And Chad is not taking us to Super Bowl glory. I say trade him and try and get a 4th round pick (hell if Patrick Ramsey could amount for one I’m sure so could Pennington).
Jonathan Vilma – I love the man (no homo). He’s a great player that would make any linebacking corp. better. But coming off a bad leg injury, not adjusting well to the 3-4 and the emergence of David Harris, Vilma could be expendable. I’d hate to see him go to another AFC opponent (especially the East). But since he can’t play the ILB position and probably the OLB in the 3-4, his term as a Jet should be over and they should trade him now before his value drops even lower. Rumor(s) were that he’d be part of a deal that would send him to Cincinnati and Chad Johnson to the Jets. As much as I’d love to see Ocho Cinco in green and white (so would Mahatma), they’d be better off acquiring draft picks instead of a disgruntled receiver who has one big play every four weeks.


NFL Free Agents: Jared Allen, Albert Haynesworth, Justin Smith, Terell Suggs, Alan Faneca, Ruben Brown, Jordon Gross, Marcus Trufant, Asante Samuel, LJ Smith, Lance Briggs, Corey Williams etc. The addition of any of these guys would certainly make the Jets better.

Offensive Needs: (LG, RT, WR, TE, QB)

Obviously the big problem is the offensive line. If Jake Long were available at #6 in the draft it would be a wet dream come true and the Jets should take him. I have a feeling LG Faneca might be looking for Steve Hutchinson money and I’d hate to see the Jets waste cap space on a deal like that. But leadership and experience is most important on a line and it helps develop chemistry and flow. They could draft a rookie in later rounds but I say fuck that, go for the leadership and experience instead of the development project. (It did wonders for us this season, eh Hoodie Jr?).

The Jets lack a big passing threat and speed at the wideout position. A nice quick young receiver that can help open up the middle of the field for Coles and Cotchery would be sweet. The draft is stacked with young WR talent they need. I say they should look in the 3rd round as there could be some potentials still looming. They could also use someone tall enough to catch the stupid fades Schottenheimer loves to call in the corner of the endzone (my least favorite play of all time) work.

If Pennington goes then another veteran QB presence should be brought in to put pressure on Clemens. But considering that free agency is light in that department, maybe its best they hold onto CP for now. He wasn’t too bad in relief during the 2nd meeting against the Pats….pfft fuck it, cya Chad, hellooo Dante Culpepper!

Defensive Needs: (NT, DE, OLB, CB, FS)

Nose tackle is the centerpiece of the defense. The only way the Jets could manifest a pass rush was lining 2-3 yards off the line of scrimmage and take a running start (creative, worked some times but not all the time). Another pass rusher to complement Shaun Ellis is definitely a need. Chris Long would be an awesome addition. They need someone with his ability that can pass rush and drop back in coverage.

If they do release Andre Dyson, Hank Poteat, and David Barrett, that leaves the Jets with just Darrelle Revis, Justin Miller and Drew Coleman at cornerback. Asante Samuel could be tempting but the Jets don’t need another big contract cornerback. If the D line can do their job rushing the QB, players like Hank Poteat and Drew Coleman will look better and actually make plays. As a protégé of Senor Hoodie, Mangini should know that you don’t need a big time cornerback to have an effective secondary (I bet Hoodie judges’ talent by the Thetan levels of scientology; apparently Asante Samuel and Randal Gay are already at the 8th level).
Common sense would tell you that if only one linebacker out of 4 starters is making an impact on defense, the other 3 are just not that good. The OLB position is very thin and needs vast improvement. Barton was moved to ILB and Hobson saw his playing time decrease as the season went along. A Chris Young or Vernon Ghoulston type player would help if either is available when the Jets draft. But who knows, they got a steal with David Harris in the 2nd round last year, maybe luck will strike twice in later rounds (

FINAL THOUGHT: So Heath Ledger overdosed. Am I bummed? No, not really. I only hope that “The Dark Knight” (next batman movie in which he stars as the joker) doesn’t get it’s release delayed because of it. My friends (mostly girls who love the Australian) call me heartless. Heartless you say? No, I’m not heartless. I just can’t forgive or respect the man that ass-pounded Donnie Darko and made him his prison bitch. That is all.


devo said...

As a Giants fan who can cheer for but also laugh at the Jets, I say bring on Daunte's Inferno!

devo said...

So wait, if Donnie Darko were the pitcher, you'd be ok with Heath? Is that what this is all about?

SHMUCK said...

Yes, If Donnie was the lead down under with the Kangaroo, I'd be cool with Heath.