Wednesday, May 7, 2008

David Cook deserves to die for his sins

I'm not an American Idol fan. I watched it during the Carrie Underwood season because circumstances dictated as much. But I really hate this show. The simple premise that someone can become an overnight rock star is enough to anger me. (And probably Buzz Bissinger too) But when someone goes on American Idol and covers the greatest rock song ever written, they're asking for trouble.

So David Cook, you have angered the rock gods; it's now time for you to turn in your right-to-live card. Die.

If Roger Daltrey were dead, he'd be turning over in his grave over this crap.


MissMet said...

Here's the thing. The man is talented (and also attractive). He's on a show where the more he changes a song (and still does it well) the more praise he's going to get. He has been changing songs all season long. He mostly just slows them down, but he sounds pretty damn good when he does it. Don't watch the show if you hate it.

devo said...

There are very few rules that I live by in life. But i think somewhere near the top is this:

The Yinzer said...
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The Yinzer said...

While you have a point missmet, I must agree with devo on this. Every note that man plays is a kick in the nuts to the original song; a total butchering. I had to listen to the original right after that to feel clean again.