Monday, May 5, 2008

The red-headed step-child of the NBAs second round: Orlando Magic vs. Detroit Pistons


So, this is the shitty series this round. I mean, there will be some good games, I'm sure, but I doubt anyone will watch them what with the 3 other series having compelling story lines and stars that people care about. Dwight Howard should be one of the top stars in the league, but when was the last time someone at work said, "OH SHIT, you see my man Dwight Howard last night?!". Probably never, right? Even with general conversations about who is good in the NBA, like 9-10 other stars get mentioned before someone remembers Howard. Its probably more the product of playing in the media and cultural (and in every other way) backwater of Orlando than anything else. He certainly proved again in the first round that he can do amazing things, but hes never gonna get the credit he deserves until either Orlando takes it to the next level as a team or he gets his ass outta Dodge. Not like it matters right now, since Howard looks hurt and the Pistons found a strategy to neutralize him. That leaves Orlando with their 3pt game and not much else. The Pistons are a bunch of old bags, but they know how to least a few of them still do. Even though Ive always liked Rip Hamilton from his days with the Bullets and Chauncey Billups is still the man, I just can't root for this team, my hatred of the state of Michigan prevents it. That said, they are probably gonna win. There you go loyal SUS reader, a preview for the Pistons-Magic series that took more time to read than you will actually spend watching the series. Pistons in...lets say 6(Im wary after the Celtics let me down).

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