Friday, May 9, 2008

My own personal Yankee stats

So I'm a stats nerd but not in the way that sabor-metric (is that how you spell it Devo?) weirdos are . I like to obsess about team stats so here are some statistical nuggets for the Editor and I's beloved Bronx Bombers.

1) 15 of the Yankees 18 wins this year have come in starts made by Mussina, Wang or Pettite.
2) The Yankees are 12-0 in game s that both Mariano and Joba have appeared in together.
3) The Yanks have the same record at home (9-9) as they do on the road
4) The Yanks are 2-9 (forgot game yanks won in Tampa that Kennedy started) in games started by Hughes or Kennedy
5) The yanks are 7-1 in games started by Wang and 11-17 in all other games.

So what did we learn class? The Yankees rotation is 3 people deep and one of those people is Mike Mussina. The Yankees have been a horrid team when the two Kids have started. That rebuilding plan is off to a nice start ey? Mariano and Joba are the best relief tandem in the game and 2/3 of the Yankees wins have involved this tandem getting the hold and save combination. This means that the large majority of the Yankee wins have come come in relatively close games. Finally Wang is really good, is an ace and we'd be lost without him. Okay, class dismissed and next time please don't talk on aim or text each other on your blackberries right in front of my face during class (Like I did today at school to follow the Yanks game). I'm looking at you Mahatma!


devo said...

Nope, that's not how you spell sabremetrics. it's either sabre or saber, but not sabor.

The Brooklyn Hillbilly said...

I got a stat for ya: Boston 23-14; New York 18-18, 4.5GB.

Stay tuned kids to watch BHs stat jinx the rest of the season for the Red Sox.

devo said...

I got a stat for ya, BH: Go fuckyaself.

White Boy South Bronx said...

G-d I hope so BH. And since your not a pats fan I can't throw 18-1 at ya but I can say that Eli had a much better super-bowl than Broth

Mahatma said...

do you really want to bring in all of the Pittsburgh Steeler supporters on this site against you, White Boy?

This is a baseball discussion. Keep your Yankoff/Red Sucks arguments to yourselves!!!!