Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Running Skills, Check! Pass Catching, Check! Judgement...Umm?

I lived in Chicago for a little while, and if there is one thing you learn upon entering the city limts, it is this: STAY THE FUCK OUT OF THE SOUTH SIDE. Its like the South Bronx of Chicago, but spread out. I looked at a room in a cheap apartment down there, and after I asked if my car would be safe on the street, I was told by my prospective roommate, "Yeah, it be fine, everybody know you with Big Jimmy, so nobody touch it". Did I mention the apartment building was surrounded with a 12-ft high chain-link fence? Charming neighborhood.

Now, the Pittsburgh Steelers #1 draft pick, Rashard Mendenhall and his girlfriend were robbed at gun point while walking along the shore of Lake Michigan on the South Side the other night. Thank God the kid has some sense and just gave his shit up, nothing in your pockets is worth dying for, unless you have an iPhone. But this raises some questions. Why was this guy out at 2am, alone(practically) in one of the worst sections of any city in the US? I know you prob took your girl out there back when you were toting the rock for your high school team, but c'mon man, you are a professional athlete now. He has to be more careful, who knows if the assailant recognized him and thought that he would have money. I hope this is his version of Big Ben's motorcycle accident and he starts being a little more circumspect. If it was up to me, I would treat him as I would any daughters I might have, and keep him indoors with supervision at all time. The Big Ben wreck made the franchise's life flash before my eyes, please Rashard, for the sake of my heart, try to stay out of trouble.

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devo said...

He pulled a Will Allen, except that Will Allen had thousands of dollars of jewelry on him that he shouldn't have been able to purchase that quickly.

Btw, the cat in the picture had it coming.