Saturday, May 10, 2008

I Hate Presumptuous

So what spawned a post with the title of "I hate presumptuous?" Well reading the Pittsburgh Post Gazette this morning, the primary paper of Pittsburgh, many of the sports columnists are going on about what a one sided victory the Pens had against the Flyers last night (which it wasnt) and how the Pens pretty much have the series in the bag (which they dont). This really pisses me off.

First off, the Flyers have lost the first game of every series so it's nothing new to them. And Pittsburgh journalists should be very familiar with that as it is exactly what happened when the Pens won their first cup in 1991, losing the first game of every round. Yet somehow they dont think to step back and say "well its one game and they can turn it around."

One writer actually said that the Flyers gave no indication that this series would last more than four games. Are you kidding me? After one fricken game you think that all signs point to a sweep? Dumbass! How can you judge after one game? What if Philly comes out and murders the Pens 7-2 the next game, are you going to change the tune to how it looks like the Pens wont win a game again?

I hate this kind of shortsighted, homerish bullshit, especially from a journalist. There is absolutely no objectivity in his article. Apparently the Flyers making adjustments after one game is an impossbility. To so quickly count another team out of it is nothing short of moronic for me.

I am glad the Pens arent as full of praise for themselves as the journalist are, because if they had their heads that far up their asses they'd be done quick.

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