Thursday, May 8, 2008

Round 3: Dallas Stars vs Detroit Red Wings


So it’s down to two teams in the west nobody really likes: the Dallas Stars cause they’re from Dallas and the Detroit Red Wings cause people are just sick of them. And they have Chris Chelios. Regardless my dislike for these two teams, I am obligated to preview their series.

Detroit has Zetterberg, Datsyuk and Franzen along with a strong supporting cast that is scoring in bunches plus are quite gritty and defensively responsible. The Stars are getting scoring from all over too, but past Morrow no one has been able to really take over a game, nor is particularly dynamic with their skills. They’re going to need to squeeze some more production from their secondary scoring to get past the Red Wing’s defense.

Advantage: Red Wings

As always Lidstrom leads Red Wings in ice time and he can get things going in both ends. Though his name is always the first mentioned with the Wings, his supporting cast of Stuart, Rafalski, Kronwall, Chelios (god I hate that crybaby) and Lilja along with a few others aren’t exactly bottom line guys. The Stars boast a pretty strong but aging corps with Zubov, Robidas, Norstrom and Boucher who have loads of playoff experience and have yet to fail the Stars in the playoffs. They’ve been pitching in on the offense side of things too. For the most part they are evenly matched, but only one has Lidstrom.

Advantage: Red Wings

The Dominator wasn't so dominating and got replaced midway through the first round by Osgood. He’s played pretty good but he also hasn’t been challenged, as the six games he’s played there has been little offense mustered against him. On the other end for Dallas Turco has been shining, and has played the best of the remaining goalies. Still in his prime and always wanting to prove he isn’t a playoff choker, he is driven which when paired with talent is a dangerous combo.

Advantage: Stars

Though the Red Wings have an edge over the Stars in the other areas, goaltending will be their Achilles heel. If Dallas can get past the defense they can show that Osgood really isn’t as good as his stats are. Still Detroit has yet to let that happen as both their fore checking and defense is among the best in the league, regular season and post.
However, Dallas is playing with a lot of confidence and has meshed very well in the playoffs. They’ve been able to smother two of the most talented teams in the west in Anaheim and San Jose (though granted they had the San Jose Choke going for them). Plus there is that better goalie in their net. Call me crazy, but this is a feeling I’m getting.

Dallas wins in 7

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