Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Why you should hate the Flyers?

So let me speak for SUS staff and our Executive Board by saying we aren't fans of Philadelphia. Sure one or two people from there are okay but the majority of them are not. In fact, some touristas would even say that they are the ugliest people in America.

But the worst thing about Philly is the Flyers. They are awful. I'm going to go on record as saying if the Flyers were somewhere else than hell I'd have no beef with Philadelphia. Look you got cheese steaks. The Liberty Bell and Ben Franklin. Unless you are in a terrorist, that's probably a-ok in your book.

Anyway so why are the Flyers evil in carnated? Look at the team!

You got Daniel Briere:

No man should enjoy hugging a teammate that much. Yet Briere does. Hmm. To quote the 'I Hate Briere' Facebook group, "Briere is an overpaid, whiney, diving, cheapshot throwing, goalie-interfering, bitch." Yep that's about right.

RJ Umberger:

Derian "Douche" Hatcher:

Heck even the old school Flyers sucked too. They wore Pants!!!

Holy fashion faux paux. Someone needs to get the Queer Eye Group (minus Avery's spleen) after these guys.

Fuck even these assholes are Flyers fans. How on earth can you root for such douchebaggery?

You can't!!!!! Unless you and your male friends go out and make kissy faces and pseudo gang symbols in photos. Than by all means, please move to Philly and you too can root for the Flyers!

So there you have it. Because of those guys, you too should hate the Flyers. I didn't go to law school or anything but let me just say CASE CLOSED.


devo said...

if there's a god, sykora scores a game winning goal in one game and then places the blade of his skates on hatcher's nutsack.

devo said...

paging maureen in 3...2...1...

Maureen said...

its funny that you posted a pic at the bottom of dudes who are CLEARLY from Jersey

The Yinzer said...
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Mahatma said...

Yea...The Philadelphia side of Jersey!!!

devo said...

Every good North Jersey kid knows that while the history books may say differently, the Mason Dixon line runs roughly through exit 100 of the Garden State Parkway. Philly, South Jersey, you inbreds are all the same.