Monday, May 5, 2008

Time Zones: Can't Live With 'Em, Can't Get Jet-Lagged Without 'Em

Feliz cinco de mayo amigos! Ah, the West Coast trip. The next two night games at Los Angeles will start at 10:10 and end who knows when. That means that I'll be finding out the score when I wake up in the morning. Not from the newspaper, but from Eyewitness News This Morning, as the ticker goes across the screen. Quick question: Who was first to have the ticker- ESPN or CNN or other? Post a comment if you know.
Lucky for the Mets, the left coast has been kind to them. Looking back just to the weekend series against the Diamondbacks, where the Mets took 2 of 3, the boys started hitting and got some great pitching and defense (David's catch!) on Friday night. Sunday the team benefited from some shoddy D-Backs defense and their own timely hitting. Back in 2006, they got hot at the right time and went 9-1 on the road starting in LA. We also can't forget about the playoff series in 1999, 2000 and 2006 v. the Diamondbacks, the Giants and the Dodgers. Remember what the Mets' record is against the Big Unit and how well Joe McEwing of all people hit off of him?
With all that success, I still resent these road trips and time changes. It would be nice if I could call my friends in California and Washington without having to figure out what time it is there. I like to flip back and forth between baseball games and my regular Prime Time TV line-up. I love to travel, but I don't like jet-lag. It is almost bedtime and the game has just started. It doesn't even seem like Dodgers fans really care that much, so why can't they just play at 7pm EST like normal? Alright, let's go Mets, you'll have to win this one without me.
How great is Ryan Church right now? I never expected this much from him at all.
Let's hope Ollie Perez redeems himself after his unspeakable start last week. Good for you, Billy Wagner for publicly bashing him for it.
Welcome back, Moises Alou and Brian Schneider!!
I'm sorry for your loss, Rangers fans. Let me get out my violin.
I'm really sad about Eight Belles dying at the Kentucky Derby and I'm glad that I wasn't watching the race.

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devo said...

Apologies to the '85 Bears' Super Bowl Shuffle, but how do the Mets have a near monopoly on cheesy 80's videos?