Monday, December 1, 2008

AP, I’m with ya, Plax you need some psychotherapy

I figured as the co-resident Giants fan on this site, I should weigh in on the debacle that was Friday night at the Latin Quarters. I won’t even discuss the fact that a third player was there (Michael Kay says Ward and Francessa says its Bradshaw) because I am not certain which of the two it was and as far as I know that third person did nothing except go to said club. Although it is likely if not certain that both Antonio Pierce (hereto for AP) and Plax committed crimes, the actual "assholicness" and irresponsibility of each action is as different as the intelligence levels of Obama and Bush.

Plax, you need some psychotherapy. I loved you last year but that was before I knew that you would disgrace the same franchise you restored glory to just 9 months prior. Your 50 missed meetings, cursing off your coach who every other teammate seems to have no problem with, and your propensity to drop very catchable balls are all frustrating but worth putting up with. However your actions Friday night were quite another. I am not upset because you broke a law; I’m upset because you were not thinking of anyone but yourself by bringing this gun with you. You could have killed one of your teammates, friends or a random innocent clubber. I don’t want someone that irresponsible on my team, I don’t care if you are a good guy or not but I do care if you are so careless as to take many innocent lives into your own hands by drinking with a loaded gun in your pocket. Oh, and as you can see, your team can win big and have its QB play even better when you aren’t playing. I won’t go as far as to say I “hope” you go to jail but I would not be upset nor would I feel it would be an injustice if you did. However, if your boy AP has to serve any time for trying to save your ass, that is an entirely different matter……………

AP, I feel for ya man. I know that you were just trying to save your boy. You didn’t do anything with an intention to harm anyone nor were you reckless. Your moral code of never going against a brother outweighed your moral code of following the laws of the land, for this I have respect for you. I have to admit as seemingly replaceable as Plax is, you are equally irreplaceable. Your pre-snap reads of opposing offenses put your young talented teammates in great position to make big plays (see Kenny Phillips, Michael Johnson and Corey Webster.) You, unlike Plax have been a model teammate and Giant up until now. I do think you made a mistake in the way you went about trying to save your boy but I can’t say I wouldn’t think of saving my friend before I would think of following the law. I hope you don’t serve any jail time, I don’t think you should.


devo said...

For what it's worth, if the third person was Bradshaw, and I've heard that it's much more likely to be him, he's FUCKED, probably more than AP. Parole officers don't look kindly upon this kinda thing, even if you were only there when it went down. The main bullet point here is that we should probably resign derrick ward next year.

Mahatma said...

For what its worth, Douche Bayless said Steve Smith was robbed in front of his house in New Jersey recently.

Knowing Plax throughout his career, he has always been a moody guy and bit lacking in the rational department. It's entirely conceivable for him to be paranoid.

Granted he's still an idiot and there are other ways to get around the gun thing but still just another example of an immature guy continue to act immaturely.

devo said...

If Skip Bayless said that Steve Smith was robbed, then I believe that every Giant BUT Steve Smith was robbed.