Friday, December 5, 2008

Devo's Picks (12-14)

Philly (+7) over GIANTS

6 reasons to take Philly in this game

1. It's supposed to snow and at the very least be cold and windy. That doesn't mean Philly wins, in fact it probably favors the Giants overall. But 7 points is a lot.

2. 7 points is a lot in general to give for an NFC East game, whether it's in December, September, or Madden.

3. Corey Webster is questionable. I don't really have any beef with Aaron Ross, but I'd rather have C-Web on Desean Jackson. Ross tends to give ridiculously huge cushions on receivers. Though in his defense, when Ross does this, he doesn't get beat deep, unlike the ghost of Will Allen.

4. The Eagles play to the same level of every team they face, whether it's the Cowboys, Giants (5 point loss in November), or Cincinnati (the 1 in the 6-5-1).

5. The Giants can overcome distractions, but the cloud surrounding them with the Harris Smith incident is too much. More specifically, the distractions to the Giant emotional leader, AP is going to leave him woefully underprepared this week.

6. I think I've been too afraid to take the Giants all year. The result? A lousy record for me, but an 11-1 run for Big Blue.

7 reasons to take the Giants in this game

1. Find a better team in the NFL.

2. Donovan McNabb has SUCKED for most of this year and has seemingly been unable to string together two good weeks in a row.

3. Westbrook has a few injuries and may not play because after all, he rarely PLAYS two weeks in a row.

4. When Westbrook doesn't play, McNabb sucks.

5. The Eagles were dead a few weeks ago. They delayed the inevitable with a win over the WAAYYY overrated Cardinals. It ends here, Philly.

6. Earth, Wind, & Fire. Next issue.

7. But for a few turnovers, the Giants completely dominated the last game vs Philly from a yardage perspective. Take away the turnovers this game, the Giants win by 14.

But most importantly, see reason #6 to pick the Eagles. Giants win, Eagles cover.

Giants: 13
Eagles: 9

ARIZONA (-14) over St. Louis

Have you ever seen a team as soft as the Cardinals? I mean, outside of the 4 current NFC South teams. This Arizona team will probably play either Atlanta or Dallas at home in the first round as the 3 seed. They may win that game, but they're going to get beaten next round by Carolina or Tampa. And if that's not true, Giants 48, Arizona 20.

And another thing that grinds my gears-can we please put to bed all of the Kurt Warner Hall of Fame talk? The man has had three great, mvp-like seasons. And yeah, said seasons were great, but every non-mvp season that Warner has had has been TERRIBLE! If Terrell Davis isn't going to get a whiff of the Hall of Fame, then there's no way that Warner should be allowed within 50 miles of Canton during the summer months. Lucky for Warner, the Rams are bad. Like Kurt Warner on the Giants bad. Like Kurt Warner at a Kwanzaa festival celebration bad.

Arizona 38
St. Louis 10

Oh, and one last thing-does Anquan Boldin still want to be traded? Granted there's nothing more valuable than a draft pick in the hands of Jerry Reese, but suddenly, I'm willing to give the Giants 2nd and 5th round picks for the wideout if he still wants out of Arizona.

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