Monday, December 1, 2008

Axl Rose back in plaintiff for a change

Axl Rose and his backup band legally called Guns n Roses is suing Dr. Pepper. Here's the blurb from Rolling Stone:

Guns n’ Roses are threatening Dr Pepper with legal action over what the band calls “a complete fiasco” of a publicity stunt. Dr Pepper promised every person in America a free can of soda if Guns n’ Roses released Chinese Democracy this year; on November 23rd, the day Democracy was released, fans were told they could get a coupon for a free can at its Website. According to Axl Rose’s lawyer, Alan S. Gutman, things went terribly wrong: Yesterday he sent a letter to Dr Pepper CEO Larry Young saying that the soda company’s Website crashed and that “the redemption scheme your company clumsily implemented for this offer was an unmitigated disaster which defrauded consumers and, in the eyes of vocal fans, ‘ruined’ the day of Chinese Democracy’s release”.
I only hope the following exchange happens:

Axl: Your honor, this is an injustice to our fans!
Um, didn't you take 14 years to put out a mediocre album?

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