Monday, December 1, 2008

Hockey Round Up

So it's been a bit since we talked hockey here, and a few things have happened in the NHL since.

-So the Stanley Cup rematch between the Pens and Red Wings happened a few weeks back. And it was one hell of a game, so shame on you if you missed it as it displayed some of the best things hockey has to offer. Down three going into the third period the Pens kept battling back, and down a goal with a minute left pulled their goalie. When a goalie is pulled it's nerve racking for both teams. If its your goalie pulled, you're nervous as hell because its your last chance to win. If you're the other team you're nervous because you dont want to blow it. Your heart pounds the entire time and its a pretty sweet feeling. Well, with 22 seconds left the Pens tied it up, and then managed to win the game in overtime. Its a perfect display of why you shouldnt just lay down and die.

-So the worst kept secret in the NHL is out and Brian Burke is now thew GM of the Toronto Maple Leafs. With Anaheim to start the year, he rejected a contract extension and was let go to pursue other options, ie the opening GM position of the Leafs. This is about as surprising as seeing a team nicknamed the blueshirts come on to the ice wearing blue shirts. Burke speaks his mind, and is known for his war of words with Kevin Lowe a season ago. Burke is being heralded as the savior of the Leafs, but we'll see (my money is on no). You wont see anything immediately, but after december he is going to start putting his print on the team and probably start clearing out the roster and preparing to clear cap space to renovate the team in the summer.

-One thing I like is how the players celebrate a goal. It's nothing fancy; maybe a fist pump or a raise of the arms. But what I like is how genuine it is. There's no dancing or anything extravagant like football. Its just the players being happy like a kid who just got that Christmas gift he wanted.

-The All Star voting is out of hand. Hosted in Montreal because its the Canadiens 100th season, Montreal fans decided it was best to stuff the ballots by voting for everyone from the Canadiens on the ballot multiple times. So what do we end up with? Alex Tanguay having more votes than Crosby and Ovechkin. Combined. It's absurd. I know its an imperfect system, but when the fans are actually given a say you get idiots like this who go and ruin it all. Seriously, get a life people.

-NHL marketing is pretty much crap. But every once in a while they come up with something good, such as this new commercial for their online store:

-I've said it before, but it deserves mentioning again. When will people learn to STOP PISSING OFF SIDNEY CROSBY??!!! A few weeks ago Alex Semin said there was nothing special about Crosby, who hadnt been playing that well this year at that point. Not that well meaning a little over a point per game. So what has happened since? He's been shitting on pretty much everyone, the Devils his latest victim who he scored a hat trick against. Granted everyone knew Semin was just making himself look retarded by making the claim, but he basically sent Crosby on a drive to stat raping everyone he comes across. And what has Semin been doing since that time? Sitting in the press box nursing an injury, which I can only guess is a sore vagina.

-There have been a surprising amount of trades this early in the NHL season. Unfortunately most have been done by the Tampa Bay Lighting. The team is still toiling at the bottom of the standings even after canning coach Barry Melrose. Again, all this proves is that meddling owners never do any good.

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