Friday, December 5, 2008



NFC East arguably is considered the toughest division in football. But the South is not too far behind. They are the only other division (in the NFC) that doesn’t have a team with a losing record (Bucs 9-3, Pant 9-3, Atl. 8-4, and New Orl. 6-6). After the whole Vick debacle, Falcons were considered to be in a rebuilding season and would finish in the ladder of the division. They clearly are the biggest surprise in the NFL led behind ROTY candidate QB Matt Ryan. They just keep finding ways to win. Currently they sit 1 game behind the Bucs and Panthers and are tied for the last wild card playoff spot with the Cowboys.
Saints have been probably the most inconsistent team in the NFL this season. They were my prediction to represent the NFC this year in the Superbowl and they haven’t played like that at all. Drew Brees is having a career year and the offense can put up the points. Their biggest question is their defense. Injuries to the defensive line (Sedric Ellis, Charles Grant, and Will Smith) have hurt the Saints and their secondary can’t cover anybody.
This game is crucial for the Saints. If they want any chance of a playoff spot they need to win the rest of their games out and finish 10-6. Falcons have won 6 of their last 8 and are on a roll. McAllister and Grant are suspended for the rest of the season quite possibly, a huge blow to the team. Although the Saints are home and Reggie Bush is back to take some pressure off Brees, I think they are no match for the Falcons. Atlanta is healthy and can play both good offense and defense. They beat the Saints at home, even surrendering over 500yds to them on offense. This one is going to be an aerial assault and the Falcons will prevail increasing their playoff chances.

Falcons 37, Saints 33


The Jets had a chance to build a 2 game lead against the Massholes in the AFC East (which they haven’t won since 2002) but blew it at home against an inconsistent Denver Broncos team. There’s no question that a two game lead with 4 games left in the season would have been huge for the Jets. Gang Green needs to respond in a big way as they head west.
49ers have won 2 of their last 3 (all under interim coach Mike Singletary) and are playing much better (benching Vernon Davis helps too). They still have problems moving the ball effectively on offense but the defense has come up huge these last few weeks. Last week against Buffalo they allowed only one FG in 4 redzone attempts and won the game 10-3.
Teams like the 49ers are dangerous for the playoff potential Jets, they have nothing to lose. Whatever their identity may be, the Jets need to find it and get it back. The strength of the 49ers is their running game. Frank Gore is having yet another good season. Their passing game on the other hand is having less success as quarterback protection has been an on-going battle for the offensive line. Jets can bring the pressure and they need too, not just to disrupt the passing game but to gain their confidence back after a poor showing last week. Jets have too much talent to fall into a slump, they know they can play better and they will.

Jets 35, 49ers 17

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devo said...

Everyone's shitting on the Jets for losing last week, but wasn't this fairly inevitable after going on the road and beating a)their arch nemesis and b) arguably the best team in sports?

The jets will be fine, and are still just as dangerous as ever, and I'm not sure that they lost their opportunity to win the #2 seed with Pitt playing Dallas, Baltimore, Tennessee, and the Jets playing virtually no one. The league analysts are too goddamn reactionary.