Thursday, December 4, 2008

Mahatma's Picks (17-10)

Cleveland Browns (+14) @ Tennessee Titans

(nice controller, loser)

I almost forgot about the vaunted Titans and that they continue to exist despite only having one loss this season. I guess that's what happens when you play the most awful team in the last 30 years and on Thanksgiving. Now there schedule can only get tougher as the DANGEROUS Cleveland Browns come to town. The Browns were last seen getting beat BARELY by the Colts and are slowly resembling the team from last year. Uhh or not. Not with Brady "I love my friend's cock" Quinn and Derek "I'm terrible but rich" Anderson both out, the stupendous Ken Dorsey returns from clipboard holding to show the world how Anderson and Quinn were both way better options. Tennessee feasted on the Lions and might be in for a closer game than expected. Browns defense has been playing well and the Titans don't have the vertical threats in the passing game to break their hearts. So it's up to Dorsey to not screw it up. He will but atleast it would be late! Regardless, this asshat will still throw his beer.

Tennesee - 24
Cleveland - 14

Dallas Cowboys (+3) @ Pittsburgh Steelers

This might be the most watched game of the season and for obvious reasons. You got a storied rivalry that makes even the oldest of yinzers seem like its 1976 all over again. You got "America's" team (bs) vs. the team with the most fans in league and two damn good teams. Dare a say a superbowl preview? Possibly but that's almost 2 months away and things change. The Steelers have exorcised some demons last week against the vaunted Cheats and are wildly getting praise and accolades. Except that game was nearly as much of a blowout as indicated. Yes the Steelers are a good team but at any moment they can revert back to guys that layed an egg in the 4Q against the Giants and the entire Eagle game.

The Cowpokes have gotten on a bit of roll to coincide with the return of pinkie boy but barely beat the Redskins and beat up two of the league's worst teams in San Fran and Seattle. Now fresh of a 10 day layoff, I can already hear the words statement game from ESPN and the like minded idiots. In fact, this is the Cowboys season right here. Win this and they have momentum going into a huge rematch with the Giants and a likely playoff berth. Lose this and than your season is more or less over. Perhaps this is what this team needs though to get its act together.

The Cowboys must get out to a lead early. Last week, Randy Moss was open the entire game but couldn't catch a cold. TO unlike Moss actually can catch and doesn't care about getting jacked up. Jason Whitten though is the one that should scare me the most. He is Romo's security blanket (now more so without a healthy Barber) and will like get a lot of looks early. Steelers also have no one to cover him one on one. On the bright side, he is playing with 2 broken ribs and has yet to actually been hit hard over the middle. That will change this week. This might be the week we also see Roy Williams make an impact. Williams is a big time player when he is on but still has yet to grasp the Cowpoke offense. Crayton at #3 is a wuss and will disappear if the Steelers hit him and they will. Romo needs to have his offensive line step up and protect them this game. I think they do that so he can't do anything stupid. Except Romo does do about 3 stupid things a game so that works for me. If their line holds up, I like their chances with Romo evading the pass rush but that cold air and wind will effect those soft touch passes Romo makes.

Other side of the ball, Demarcus Ware is a beast and is coming back. He will make an impact. I have a sneaky suspision that all week we hear and will hear about the Steelers pass rush but the Cowshits have a pretty nasty one themselves and two shitty OTs to go up against. Also of note, Adam Jones returns to the line up. Objectively, the Steelers should do some good things on this defense but that would involve the OC removing his head from his ass, the O-line removing their heads from their asses and BRoth also doing the same. They have taken strides but they aren't quite there just yet. Could this be the week they do just that? Ben has been getting better and above average speed Willie Parker is back. The Boys secondary is still terrible and can get lit up if our shitty OTs man up.

My mind actually changed on this game while writing this. Hey Titans, we're coming for you motherfuckers.

Pittsburgh Steelers - 27
Dallas Cowboys - 17

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