Monday, December 8, 2008

I thought we were done with the losing: A Giants/Eagles Recap

Sure, this team won, but that just makes this all the worse. They may win this week, they may win 10 games this year, but that doesn't change the fact that this coach and this quarterback are not going to accomplish anything. At best they will win one playoff game, and even that's due to the futility of the NFC. Eli is mediocre at best, and Coughlin wears these guys out. I hope they lose the rest of their games so we can bring in Bill Cowher, draft a qb, and rebuild this team.

Yup, this was the one year anniversary of me wanting Eli out of New York, also known as halftime of the Giants/Bears game. My, how times change. Next thing you know, the Giants lose a game, and all of a sudden they're in contention for the #2 seed. Not that they're in contention for the #3 seed, they're already too good for that, but now there's an ACTUAL chance that home field won't go through Giants Stadium.

(Note: As I write this, kickoff for Bucs/Panthers is an hour away, if Tampa beats Carolina, I'm pretty sure it's much harder for the Giants to lose the #1 seed, since the Giants have tiebreakers. I may have just made that up. Point being, after this loss, the Giants may not even be in realistic contention for the #2 seed.

All this is to say that I have moved into full-on "Wake me when they're 11-5" mode. Don't get me wrong, if the Giants win each of the next two weeks, I'll love nothing more than shoving it in the face of the Cowboy fans and Panther fans as the NFC Championship. But these games are basically pre-season games-make sure the Giants are executing on their plays and keeping their guys healthy as the playoffs begin.

Oh, and you want a game recap? Eli sucked. Ward was ok. Jacobs was good but got hurt. The O-Line wasn't very good. Neither were the receivers. Hixon dropped a pass that would have saved the game. The front 7 had no pass rush. Pierce is still trying to run down Westbrook, and Kenny Phillips missed a tackle on L.J. Smith on 3rd down that allowed the first Philly touchdown to take place. So yeah, the team sucked.

But that's ok. I'll take 11-2. Wake me in January...

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Girl Out of Cleveland said...

Take that first paragraph, replace Eli with DA, Couglin with Crennel, and "draft a qb", with "develop a qb" and I can steal that as my thoughts for most of last year and any game the Browns won this year...

Is there room on the Giants bandwagon for one more? :-/