Monday, December 8, 2008

They Are Who We Thought They Were

I just don’t understand it. How are they going to save this sinking ship this year? This is why I love being a football fan. Two weeks ago after their impressive beating of the Titans, everyone had the Jets sitting on top of the world, the coaches and players were brilliant, Tannenbaum a genius and most intriguingly, a possible Jets and Giants Superbowl. Now its fire Sutton, Mangini is an idiot, trade Coles or drop his ass, Favre stop crying you pussy etc. Yea I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty sure I’ve said all those things. But the Jets still control their own fate. Now that there is a 3 way tie for first in the AFC East and the Colts and Ravens pulling away with the Wildcard spots, the only way for the Jets to make the playoffs would be to win the division. The talent is there, the gameplans and the attitudes are not. Could this be anymore of a hint towards the coaching staff to get your shit together or else?

- When the Jets needed to make a play they couldn’t. When they did, it was called back by a penalty (Leon Washington’s kickoff return for a TD)

- Neither Coles nor Cotchery are deep threat receivers. And I think Favre is reading the tabloids about him not throwing it deep. Well you can throw it deep, but not when your receivers are covered, then it’s just a waste of a down. Plus neither have been good at getting separation from the corners, especially Coles

- Shut the Hell Up Coles. I say trade him for Donald Driver. LC is nothing like Driver Favre…stop crying.

- It’s not that Thomas Jones didn’t get the ball enough; the whole offense was hardly ever on the field! Time of possession clearly was in favor of San Fran 39:49 – 20:11 along with 25 first downs. That’s how you win ball games.

- Jets had 10 first downs and were 1/10 on 3rd downs; that is not how you win ball games

- Is it just me or did the secondary look lost on more than one occasion?

- Kris Jenkins is playing hurt and it shows. He’s starting to slow down. They need to start taking care of their star players because if the Jets do make the playoffs he is a vital part of their success.

- The defense now can’t stop the run and the pass rush is fading away

- There is nothing more frustrating then watching your team fail to the gameplan. Not execution, gameplan, the same problems play after play after play.

- Was it me or did the 49ers run like the same play all game? And what’s sad is that it worked practically every time. Way to go Sutton

- Credit should be given to the 49ers offensive line. They gave Hill time to throw the ball, opened running lanes and picked up the blitz (when it was called).
What do they need to do to improve? Preparation. Get these guys better prepared for games. I’m not saying use the Parcells technique by threatening their jobs; maybe take them out of a few plays. Make them want to be out there on the field.
On offense the Jets need to get the wide receivers in the game early. Throw the ball to your best players i.e. Coles, Cotchery, Keller, Washington etc. Get them productive early so they stay committed to their routes, blocks and defenders will play off a little. Maybe put Leon Washington in the slot, shake it up a bit. Other teams know he’s dangerous with big play ability. Or have him and Thomas Jones simultaneously in the backfield; freeze some of the defenders at the line.
On defense, forget about all those coverage schemes. Be more aggressive, play more man and blitz more. They can’t cover the receivers anyway so take away those extra seconds from the QB. When you get in the QB’s face they’ll make mistakes. They did a great job against Kerry Collins but these last 2 weeks Cutler and Hill were smiling back at gang green with their middle fingers up. Ty Law and Dwight Lowery are playing badly. Drew Coleman has one good game every season, and that game was back in week 7.
To put it simply, they all lost the game. Hopefully Mangini and company have some tricks up their sleeves because their playoff chances are running real thin. Any season saving ideas? Anyone?

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