Tuesday, December 9, 2008

WelKome to New YorK, K-Rod!

See what I did there, with the Ks? According to MetsBlog.com, Mets.com and a lot of other people, Francisco Rodriguez has agreed to a three-year, $37 million deal with the Mets, with an option for a fourth year, pending a physical. Luckily, the Mets brought their team doc to Las Vegas with them for the Winter Meetings.
Last year with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (Ha! That name is ridiculous.) K-Rod went 2-3 with 62 saves and an ERA of 2.24 in 76 games. That's niiiiice. I obviously did not get to see him much during the season, and saw a little of him during the playoffs, but his name was all over baseball headlines throughout 2008. With this issue pretty much resolved (remember: physical), the team has a closer to make up for Billy Wagner's absence and the craptastic end to last season.
Now, the Mets can shift their focus to set-up men, starter(s), and possibly a second baseman and a catcher. We shall see, but don't you just love baseball news in December!?
*...but picture him in the beautiful blue and orange. On the new mound at the beautiful CitiField.


metmandave said...

I'm glad we got a good closer, and 3/37 is a lot easier to swallow than 5/75. Now let's see if we can trade Heilman and Castillo for a box of donuts and sign a setup guys and a starter or two, maybe Jon Garland?

White Boy South Bronx said...

I hope you guys enjoyed the spot light last night. mwahahahaha. Seriously though, I can't get on an Yankee hater right now. This is financial gluttony to the extreme.