Friday, December 12, 2008

Is the World Going Crazy? Devo returns to .500 with a Week 15 pick (14-14)

I'm not saying there's a reason I run this here website, but let's just say I put the '2' in the 2-6 Week 14 pick record.

CINCINNATI (+7) over Washington

You know what fool I pity? Cincinnati. They are awful against the AFC, going a fangasmic 1-9, but have given the NFC East fits, despite their 0-2-1 record against the best division in football. They took the Giants to OT, came back from 16 down against the Cowgirls, and tied the Eagles. So in theory they should be able to hold their own against Washington, right? After all, the game is in Ohio and Washington is on a path towards mediocrity. I don't think the Bungles win this game, but I don't see the Skins having the firepower to blow anyone out at this point in their season. The Bungles give their 4th noble effort against the Skins. Unfortunately this isn't hockey, and there's no extra category for noble losses.

Washington: 21
Cincy: 17

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