Thursday, December 11, 2008



We all know by now, the Saints do not play well on the road (they’re 1-5 so far this season). But if they want any chance at a wildcard spot they’re going to have to be perfect tonight at Soldier Field. They responded hugely last week upsetting their division rival the Atlanta Falcons 29-25. But with the short rest this week I don’t like their chances. Bears can play defense, in fact, that’s about all they can play. Kyle Orton is playing hurt and I can’t name any of their wide receivers (nor do I care) but Matt Forte has been a big surprise and should be a top finalist for rookie of the year. Other than that, they are still the same old, hard-nosed, physical, defense first Bears.
I like the Bears at home and for Forte to run, catch all over the weak Saints defense. I love Drew Brees but he won’t save his team this week

Bears 27, Saints 20


Remember for like the first 7 weeks when the Bills were in the driver’s seat of the AFC East? Well then they played the Jets and it all went downhill from there. Do you remember when the Jets were in the driving seat as well? Well as short lived as it was, does that mean the Jets are going to go downhill from here too? Well, I sure as hell hope not but it’s starting to look like it. Jets control their own destiny and the possible 3rd seed in the playoffs if they win out for the rest of the season. Before the Denver game it certainly looked like an easy task. But after devastating losses to the Broncos and the 49ers (I’m still in shock) the Jets are looking more grotesque than Britney’s hoo-hah.
Buffalo should be no easy task. They only managed to score 6 points in their last 2 games and are itching to get in the endzone. The Jets on the other hand look like Paris Hilton on defense, they’ll let anyone in. Their secondary is getting burned on every play and the defensive line can’t bring the pressure. Even JP Losman has to be licking his finger tips knowing he’s got chances to earn his starting job back.
Well that’s not going to happen. I’ve put my trust in the Jets for the last 2 weeks and I’ve been devastated (with my picks and my Jet fan soul). Usually by now I would pick against them. But I’m loyal to gang green and I think they can bounce back this week. Hell they need too. If the Jets lose this game shit is going to hit the fan…and I’m not talking about the stuff in my house.

Jets 26, Buffalo 20

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